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Uppsala - traditional university town in Sweden.
Toy City - Los Angeles
Panama - The Canal
Saving the Oil for America
The Guild of Professional English Butlers
Baku, Oil City
New York Stories
Green Living in Battery Park City
Tyler - Texas Rose Festival


Venice, Los Angeles, »Toy City«, USA 2000
/ P O R T R A I T
About Charly Kurz
Lookat Member since 2003 based in New York. His main interest lies with "the American Way of Life", the habits of the Americans. Also fascinated by water and vessels he covered the return of the former American owned canal to Panama, moved on to Toy City Los Angeles and now conquers New York with his color medium format photography.
/ P O R T R A I T
charly kurz

new york, ny 10011 /
/ F E A T U R E D   S T O R Y
Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, 12.2001
©2002 Charly Kurz/Lookat.
Volcanoes molded the landscape and settlers shaped the narrow strip of land between the Pacific and the Tasman Sea. New Zealands city of sails is Auckland.
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/ F E A T U R E D   S T O R Y
Uppsala - traditional university town in Sweden.
Flogsta, students residential complex. Uppsala, Sweden 09.2000
©Charly Kurz / Lookat.
Uppsala - the Cambridge of Scandinavia, the oldest university of Northern Europe founded in 1477 and the fourth biggest city in Sweden
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