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Uppsala - traditional university town in Sweden.
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New York Stories
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New York Stories


Two stories about New York. The first is about the uncountless things, one of the most expensive city in the world offers you for free. You can ride the Staten Island Ferry with its amazing view on the famous skyline while it passes the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy a walk through the Chelsea Gallery District and look at international art. The Big Apple Greeters offers you a very personal tour through their neighborhood, no matter if it is Downtown Manhattan or the Bronx. In the evening you go to a movie screening in front of Manhattan's skyline or take dance lessons at the Hudson River waterfront. And don't forget to catch your 15 seconds of fame at a huge Times Square Billboard!

The second story is about exploring New York by checking out hidden, authentic and lovely restaurants. Chowhounds, a group around Jim Leff, who is a professional restaurant critic and who never lets his picture taken without wearing a dog mask, are out to search for tasty local food in ethnic neighborhoods. They know - and discuss it on their website - where you get the best Brisket sandwich in New York, delicious Southern food or real Chinese food and not the adapted American version of it. A nice side effect: by traveling to these restaurants which are mostly not located in Manhattan, you also learn a lot about the diversity of New York

New York for Free. As New York is said to be an incredibly expensive city, there are many great things to do that do not cost a cent. R&B dance lesson and dance afterwards @ Pier 25 at the newly created Hudson River Park. New York, USA 2003
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