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2002 Charly Kurz/Lookat.
Volcanoes molded the landscape and settlers shaped the narrow strip of land between the Pacific and the Tasman Sea. New Zealands city of sails is Auckland.

This modern waterside city seems to be dominated by the skytower the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere. You can see it from everywhere and with its casino and restaurant it provides an overwhelming view on the city, its harbour with hundreds of sailing masts and the islands around.

The One Tree Hill Domain is one of many parks in the city,a vulcanoe area where a historic tree used to stand at the top of the hill next to an obelisque. Despite missing the tree nowadays, it is a popular place, people use for sports activities, barbeques and recreation.
Not far away, almost in the middle of the city is the Mount Eden Domain where you find people rock climbing. The Auckland Museum with its extensive Polynesian section is the perfect place to learn everything about Maoris' forebears and their colonizing of the entire pacific.
This pulsating city offers almost everything - cliffs at the step coast with harsh sea only 45 minutes from the center, inner-city-beaches and islands. You can make a trip to the islands in front of Auckland, enjoying its beaches, landscapes or tasting vine at one of the vineyards.

Mission Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, 12.2001
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