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Uppsala - traditional university town in Sweden.
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Uppsala - traditional university town in Sweden.


İCharly Kurz / Lookat.
Uppsala - the Cambridge of Scandinavia, the oldest university of Northern Europe founded in 1477 and the fourth biggest city in Sweden

Traditionally the students are organized in14 "nations" a kind of brotherhood. 13 of them are representing areas of Sweden. The buildings of these nations are impressive old buildings with oil paintings all over the walls, huge halls and often equiped with their own library, cafe and bar. Only students are allowed to enter these nations where they sell alcohol for 50 % less than in public bars, where they run restaurants by themselves and organize parties with dress code required. Then they are singing, drinking and writing lyrics in each other Songbooks. The secondhand stores in the city sell black tailcoats and white shirts the most. The "gasque" how they call these big parties are full of rites with a special way to prost, a special way to applause... After the last song everybody stands on his chair for the last drink - the official part of the party is finished.
These "nations" mark the center of the students' life. They take care of housing, jobs, hold meetings and elect a curator. The curator of a nation is released from studying for one year. It's a good job for training to be CEO, and for sure good for one's curriculum.
Studying here means being among the best, getting to know the right people. Since 1901 eight nobel prizes have gone to Uppsala and official visitors of the monarchy are often led to the city.

Flogsta, students residential complex. Uppsala, Sweden 09.2000
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